The Chateau of Coppet: Mme Récamier's bedroom

Chambre Récamier

The walls of this room are lined with hand-painted Chinese wallpapers. Laid on canvas they have lasted for more than two centuries, while nevertheless keeping all their freshness. The marble bust made by the sculptor Chinard represents the person who lived in this room, Mme Récamier.
Behind you, you will find a harp which Mme Récamier used to play.

Détail du paper peint
Détail du paper peint
Détail du paper peint

Mme Récamier's dressing room

In the large showcase can be seen the last of Mme de Staël’s dresses. It is accompanied by one of the shawls she used to wear. The blue dress belonged to her daughter Albertine

The smaller showcase is devoted to souvenirs from the Baron de Staël, ambassador of the King of Sweden, Gustav III. You will especially note his diplomatic portofolios made of Moroccan leather, his key, symbol of his position as chamberlain of the Queen of Sweden, as well as an important legal act granting him the bourgeois citizenship of the city of Geneva.

Détail du paper peint



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