The Chateau of Coppet: Discover Coppet

Certain places are of a particular interest: not only for their beauty, but also the historical memories that they evoke.

Visitors can arrive at Coppet by train, car or boat. Across from the chateau is a splendid tree lined avenue that was planted just about 200 years ago by Madame de Stael's oldest son Auguste. From there the visitor will enjoy a view of the rooftops of Coppet’s medieval homes, the chateau’s south-east façade, lake Geneva and the snow covered Alps.

Entering the chateau’s gates, you will discover the ancient horse stables and to the right is the ancient winepress. These buildings now host various receptions and events throughout the year such as concerts.

After passing under the arch at the end of this first court they will enter the inner court. An iron gate on the left-hand side leads into the park. Above the gate the visitor can see the initials N and C for Necker and Curchod, Madame Necker’s maiden name, topped by a baron’s crown.

The entrance door at the north end of this court leads the visitor into the chateau. The first room to be entered is the ancient kitchen.

Coppet la cuisine


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